Sprocket is the Maintenance Request Program used to keep track of work performed on our properties.

*If this is your first time please take a few minutes to read these instructions.*

NEW Information has been added for LOCATIONS. Please review it below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't get a work order number your QCALL request wasn't submitted.


Above you will see the following line:

Return Home, New Request, My Requests My Account and Logout 

Below we will describe what can be done on each.

Please note:  After you have entered a request, you and any additional contact you have included, will be sent an email that the request has been received.  When the request is completed you will receive another email with closing comments.



(This Screen)  If selected from any other screen it will take you to this screen.



Select this to input a new notification of work request. 

·         You will first need to select an appropriate Request from the drop down menu. 

·         When you have selected your request choice, the screen will fill with more information. 

·         Your User ID will be shown; there are three lines where you can add an additional Contact, Phone, and Email for someone besides yourself to receive a notice of this work request is optional.  Note: the phone is filled in with your phone number by default.  It can be changed.

·         LOCATIONHow you enter a LOCATION has Changed. 

  • IF the Location box is filled in you do not need to do anything. 
  • IF the Location box is EMPTY, click on the box with the 3 dots, ... , next to the location box.  This will bring up the Location Tree.  Click on the + sign to open the tree until you have the Location you want.  You will need to click on multiple + signs. There are two alternate ways to enter your Location.  First you can type in the location if you are familiar with the coding for your floors.  Second you can have a location hard set and then add information about the exact Location in comments.

·         COMMENTS: Now you can fill in the comments box with the details of your Request. CAUTION: DO NOT fill in this box before the Location selection is complete.  If you do it will overwrite your comments! Please add details about where the work is located, example; names, office number, floor, location on floor.

·         When you have entered COMMENTS click on Next.  This will take you to a Screen to confirm your Request or notify you of missing information. 
     YOU MUST Select Next  again to Submit the QCALL to Sprocket.

·         You will finally be presented with a screen that will show you the Work Order Number for your Request.  There is also a button to Create a new Work order.

·         You may now select any of the tabs.

          You will receive a confirmation email shortly after your QCALL has been submitted. 
          You will also receive an email when the QCALL is closed.
          Please let us know if you do not receive the email.


This will show your requests in a grid.  You can see some of the details in the screen.

By checking the box to the left of a work order number you can View Details or Print Details fom the buttons above the grid.

There is an Add Note bolded on each line.  If you wish to add additional comments to your work order you may.  However, these may or may not be acted upon.

There are three Search options above the grid if you wish to search for a specific work order.



This page allows you to change your Password. 

                Enter the current password and the new password twice.

You can also change your email.

There is a line to have a Challenge Question We have defaulted it so it is possible for you to reset your account. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you change this question.

There is also a Challenge Answer to your question.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you change the answer to match your question.

There is also space to list your address.  Please fill this in.

If you would like your phone number to be shown on a work order when it is created please include your phone number.



Sprocket Management

If you have any questions about using Sprocket please contact the management office for your building.